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Spiced Toffee Apple Cupcakes

Nothing says autumn quite like toffee apples, right? I was obsessed with them growing up and can still remember that sweet crunch of the toffee coating, as my teeth made their way through to the juicy apple underneath - pure joy! 

Lemon and Coconut Cupcakes

One of my favourite holiday rituals to perfectly round off each day, is an early evening walk with an ice cream. My flavour of choice is usually coconut, and there’s nothing better than a big creamy scoop in a waffle cone! I’m dedicating this recipe for Lemon and Coconut cupcakes to all the helado de coco we devoured on holiday.

Cookies and Scream Cupcakes

If you’re planning on celebrating this year, then these devilishly delicious red velvet cupcakes will make the perfect addition to your Halloween spread. They’re the evil love child of two of my favourite cupcake flavours - cookies and cream, and red velvet. A match made in hell?