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Raspberry Jam Bostock

It’s been a long time coming, but I’ve decided that 2018 is the year that I bring brunch to my blog. As a millennial, I’m highly experienced with brunching, so it only seems natural to start sharing some of my go-to recipes. I’m not particularly fussy either - sweet or savoury, if there’s brunch on the table, I’m in.

No Churn Coconut and Raspberry Swirl Ice Cream

No churn ice cream is a revelation for me. With just two ingredients (double cream and sweetened condensed milk) you have a simple base for any ice cream flavour. The best part is, the recipe requires minimal hands-on time in the kitchen and it doesn’t need to be hand churned - simply leave it in the freezer to set.

Summer Berry Crumble Cake

I guess this recipe represents the current weather in the UK right now. It’s as cake that encompasses all of the comfort of a classic crumble – a lightly spiced brown sugar sponge cake, complete with a crunchy, yet chewy crumble topping, whilst celebrating summer with a homemade compote, fresh berries and a light and creamy swiss meringue buttercream, that almost acts as the cream you’d drench a hearty slice of crumble in after a big Sunday lunch.