It's My Blogerversary

It's My Blogerversary

I posted my first recipe on this blog a year ago this week - how did that happen so quickly?!

When I finally started this blog twelve months ago, it had been a long time coming. In between working full time and moving into my first home it felt like such an achievement to finally have it up and running and I knew once I started, there’s no way I’d want to stop.

I remember my patient-as-a-saint boyfriend, Callum, sitting at the desk I’m sitting at now, as I painstakingly pondered on the perfect colour palette for the web design. I know now that there’s no way that Hannah Bakes would exist in the capacity that it does without him.

Sadly for Callum, he’s the epitome of an ‘Instagram Boyfriend’. Not only that, he’s my photography assistant, editor-in-chief, sous chef, guinea pig and, most importantly, my toughest food critic - all rolled into one. Callum is the one who was there to help scoop 12 mini cheesecakes off our kitchen floor after I had a breakdown when they got stuck in the tin (not my finest hour), and I’m sure he’ll be there to witness many more kitchen tantrums to come (sorry, Cal).

It’s hasn’t always been quite so dramatic though. Offline, there’s a whole host of cake-tasting volunteers, who have willingly been on hand to test and critique recipes. Online, I’m still shocked / happy when more than 10 people like my posts.

So often, social media can make you feel like you’re not good enough. I’m a big believer in filling your timeline with the people and things that inspire you the most. It’s funny how you can feel like you’ve known someone for years, purely through following them on Instagram and it’s proven to be instrumental in my first twelve months of blogging.

To celebrate my ‘blogerversary’,  I’ve decided to share my top three recipes from the past year...

1. Blood Orange, Almond and Polenta Loaf

First up is my blood orange loaf. This was one of the first recipes I posted and it’s still a firm favourite of mine (and Callum’s).  Blood oranges are easily one of the most photogenic fruits - but they’re even better to bake with.

This loaf is best served with a healthy dollop of mascarpone and an extra drizzle of blood orange syrup. 

2. Chocolate and Blackberry Fudge Cake

Oh my, this sponge...I have dreams about it! Admittedly, chocolate cake isn’t my favourite. Call me...well, vanilla, but I’d much rather a light vanilla sponge.

That said, I had so much fun developing (and testing) this recipe. It’s made with vegetable oil and espresso - making it super light and moist. The buttercream is rich and heavenly paired with that sponge and the blackberries add a real burst of freshness.

My friend Claire’s boyfriend made it and won his office bake off - what more do you need to know?

3. Sticky Toffee Bundt Cake

I’m a sucker for a bundt cake. This was one of my first bakes of 2017 and it helped me out of a period of bakers’ block!

This is the ideal cake to indulge in at the weekend, on a cosy Sunday afternoon. It’s perfect how it is, but even better warmed up slightly.

Even with the kitchen meltdowns and cake fails, I love blogging and sharing recipes here - and it's even better when you see other people trying them out too. Let's hope there are many more blogerversaries to come!

Hannah x

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